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Photo by Ricardofoto

Client: Brav / Ulvang

Strategic idea & design
Art direction

Photo & animation: Ricardofoto


Ulvang Memes 

Ulvang is one of Norways biggest brand for wool clothes.

An activity to show the Ulvang brand personality. Invite a dialog with the consumers that does not involve selling a specific product.

The result was the funniest casting ever and thanks to the gifted animation artist Roger Johansen we manufactured some epic expressions and a series of photos that cracks me up every time I look at them!


Introducing a new product

Ulvang has made a new product and what better way of introducing it to the marked than the normal way we all introduce our new companion to the world. Ulvang is now in a relationship.


Ulvang Eco Wool Wash

A wool wash made especially for all products of Ulvang. It’s a perfect match. You might say it’s destiny they met. No wonder they fell in love at an instant and is now going steady  🖤


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